The agent provocateur is the new avant garde. Ideas can change the world.

Artists can cut sharp questions out of blunt life. I write books that aim to provoke difficult, necessary debate through the medium of popular entertainment. Those better qualified than I can continue the debate, but someone has to start the conversation.

Working title: underground

Dystopian Sci-fi

Currently writing my third novel, a provocative story about empathy, and our desperate need to evolve as we face the future we have created.

The research for this book has been immense - a pantheon of hard science, forbidden history, conspiracy theory and personal experience.


Literary Fantasy / Gothic Existentialism

Jungle Book meets Heart of Darkness


Mundi's been everywhere. The time has come to find out where he's from.

The House Made of Wheels is a literary fantasy exploring the shadowy layers of rootlessness. An environmental allegory.

Illustrations by Boo Cook

Illustrations by Boo Cook

Three narrative voices:
Cloud, Mundi’s mentor – omniscient, past tense
Whatíf, Mundi’s doppelgänger – untrustworthy, past and present tense
Mundi, subconscious and conscious – present tense

Illustrations by Boo Cook, principal artist for Judge Dredd in the UK, for a potential graphic novel. Book cover design by Adam Burns.

For a synopsis, excerpt, screenplay or treatment, please CONTACT me


Literary Fantasy / Gothic Existentialism


Flynn is an old English gent who dies in New Orleans, but refuses to accept it.

I lived on Greyhound buses for a year writing this novel, sleeping in stations, dive motels, canyons and caves. Written entirely in the present tense, In Like Flynn is about memory and time.

It's an epic story currently undergoing an epic edit.