PLACES - teaser

A multimedia one woman show

Alla Nazimova defied the moral and artistic codes of her time, to become Broadway and the silent screen’s brightest star, and the first female director and producer in Hollywood. Forced into obscurity for her outspoken lesbianism, she raises her uncompromising voice once more in this multimedia one woman show.

I had the honor of doing the video design for this show, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. Incredible writing, acting, direction, light design, and a truly haunting score by Nick T Moore. The show got amazing reviews from sold out New York shows at 59 East 59th, and made a splash at the Edinburgh Fringe. Currently in production for a New York run. Website:

The Sudden Life of Albert Canby

Written and directed by Adam Burns, 2002

Short expressionistic art film based on one of my short stories, decidedly influenced by Jean Cocteau and The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. It won an editing award from Brooklyn College. I degraded the 8mm footage with sandpaper.

Thank you to all involved: Elyas Khan : actor / Axel Ebermann : camera / Marcio Venturi : camera / Bill Savoy : still photography / Cheyenne Timperio : makeup / Thank you Amanda Taylor and Clovis Press, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This is a 30 second video wall loop I made for the Home page. My name is an anagram of 'absurd man' which has always meant a lot to me because of Albert Camus' absurd man philosophy.