I am an alien experiencer. I've had an encounter with a Grey alien in my conscious state and a lot more via regression. I've seen many UFOs. My experiences and evidence represent a lifetime of contact.

I’m finally writing about this in a provocative book that confronts humanity’s urgent need to evolve and to awaken to the reality that we are not alone. It’s a book about empathy. My mission is to provoke a healthy discussion in the mainstream that those more qualified than I can continue.

It's time we confronted the colossal failure of our scientific, historical, archaeological, medical, governmental, military, media and religious institutions in their responsibility to acknowledge that something is happening to us globally. Extraterrestrials exist. They are here. They may be helping us to evolve faster to save us and the planet - or our planet may be being taken parasitically because we're too scared to look. Whatever is happening, we have to face it.

I know other experiencers are understandably distrustful of writers, but I can't help it that I'm an artist and an abductee. I believe we should all use whatever skills we have to help each other. I'm very grateful to be able to talk to many others whose experiences mirror my own, and I welcome any contact... about contact.

There is evidence that abductions happen to millions of Americans and millions more globally, so I'm not unique. I'm just trying to figure it all out.

This is a faithful depiction of what I saw. Sketch by Adam Burns.

This is a faithful depiction of what I saw. Sketch by Adam Burns.

Grey alien experience

In 1995 I volunteered as an art teacher on the Hopi reservation, working for the traditionalists of the tribe, on Shungopovi, Second Mesa. We had no liquor or drugs, we weren’t even allowed to bring cameras, paper, or pens into this very private tribal land. The other volunteers and I were sitting outside talking one night, when between two large piñon trees, about fifteen feet from me, I saw a Grey alien just standing there staring right at me. It was about 4 feet tall, impossibly thin, especially the neck and arms, too thin to be anyone playing a prank, with a huge head, black almond shaped eyes, long arms and fingers, no clothing or discernible gender, and skin that was a grayish white. It stared at me for a few seconds, then it turned and walked to its left to behind the tree on my right. I screamed “What the fuck was that?” and ran out to it. We all ran around the trees looking for it but it was gone. I was the only one who saw it.


I wake up with inexplicable bruises and lesions, almost always after having had a dream about flying. See below.



I wake up with massive, swollen bruises on my legs. The bruises sometimes resemble a four fingered hand print (no thumb). The regression session below examined the night before I woke up with these bruises.

Puncture wounds

I have woken up several times with a pair of puncture wounds on my leg, above the knee. They don't swell or discolor as a bite wound would, and they're always perfectly round and 1 cm apart.


Triangular scoop mark

This one appeared after two flying dreams. I’ve also had several of these. The skin is missing in the triangular scoop mark, 1 cm long and slightly elongated. I hadn't bumped into anything, and the only thing I do bump into sometimes is higher, at knee level and never breaks the skin.


I have a circular mark about a centimeter across on my left ankle, that looks like a mole except it's sunken like other scoop marks. There's also a small bump in the center and two lines extending from it. Photos online of other people's scoop marks often have the same raised twisted line across the center. Moles of course don't. They also don't appear overnight, as this did. Another one the same size appeared recently as well. It still looks as fresh, and it's still the same size and shape, as when it first appeared in the spring of 1986, thirty years ago. I have moles that expand or fade over time, but this never has. It appeared at a traumatic time, which may mean something. I had come close to dying from a serious road accident (officially dead briefly in the ambulance, then in a coma for six days). In a regression this leg was lifted and studied. This may be an implant.

I have a misshapen ear canal in my left ear, recognizable by many doctors now, who are mystified as to its cause. Yet they acknowledge it's very different from my right ear. I'm hard of hearing in my left ear and have tinnitus. I may have an implant in my ear canal, a common place according to other reports. Recently I've started hearing a high pitched sound in my right ear, which is also happening to several other experiencers I know.

I have carpal tunnel in my nasal cavity and although this is common of course, along with everything else going on with me, and the fact that it’s a very common place abductees have implants, it’s possible this is another implant.


Cruise ship to Bermuda, passing through the Bermuda Triangle, August 2010, early evening

My wife was on the room’s balcony and she called me out of the bathroom. She was staring at a UFO that was glowing with an even, amber light, a solid object with no windows, seams, lights or markings, about 30 feet across. It hovered about a hundred feet away, in front of some clouds. It flitted from spot to spot for about a minute or so, then shot across the ship out of our sight line to our left. We were shouting “Come back! Come back!” and a minute or two later it did. It resumed its prior position and again flitted back and forth as though hopping from spot to spot. It continued doing this for several minutes, passing behind and in front of low clouds. Then while in front of the clouds, it disappeared.

Oscura, NM, 1995, winter

I was staying at a ranch/hostel miles from anywhere in New Mexico, very isolated at the center of a large desert plain, banked by White Sands to the South. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and watched the stars as the snow gently fell. The sky is so clear there it’s stunning, and you get to know how constellations and star patterns look against the huge juniper tree in the yard. I noticed a perfect triangle of stars separated from other clusters and wondered how I’d never noticed it before. I’d been there for a month and had stayed there many times. I watched the triangular pattern while I smoked most of a cigarette and then the bottom left star moved. It went downward at a perfect right angle to the triangle's base line, to exactly the length of one side of the triangle, and then it disappeared. It was too high to be a helicopter and had been too stationary to be any known aircraft. It wasn't a satellite, you see them all the time in those clear Southwestern skies, and they are never stationary.

Montauk, NY, Sunday October 23rd, 2016

I was looking out at the ocean and the stars from the deck of our hotel room late at night, and I saw what looked like a star, a little brighter and larger than the others, moving in a gentle zig zag formation northwards. It wasn't a satellite because I'm familiar with how they look, they're much smaller and they always move in a straight line. It was too high to be a helicopter and also it was silent. I've seen helicopters at night in Puerto Rico and even when they're miles away and at a reasonably high altitude you can still hear them. Planes can't change direction like that, at that speed. It was golden white, or possibly amber. It took about 20 seconds to cross about a third of the sky visible to me between the horizon and the roof of the hotel.

White ghostly shapes

When I was a teenager I regularly saw translucent white or grayish white shapes in my peripheral vision. Each time it would float up from floor level behind me until it was drifting at eye level, which took three or four seconds. Then it would gently rise for a few more seconds, staying about 18 inches from my face, until its head was a little higher than mine. Then it would be gone. It just faded really fast.

It had a larger head than mine and a long, thin body tapering to a point. It looked like your classic Casper ghost, except it was taller and slimmer and the translucent soft white was consistent from top to bottom. I saw these dozens of times, on either side, but only for a year or two while I was recovering from a near death road accident.


I’ve had several regressions, but my first produced not only an abduction, but a conversation with alien beings about a lifetime of contact. It was fragmented, as though I was accessing pieces of a puzzle. The starting point for the regression was the morning I found the bruises on my leg, in the photo above.

The room temperature dropped. I was lying on a metal table that was pliant, and cool to the touch. I was naked. I was numb, electrified by a gentle, consistent vibration. When I tried to move my hands or feet a shock went through me. It didn't hurt, but it almost did. It was just impossible to move.

I could turn my head very slightly, but I was basically just staring upward. The light was even, with no definition to anything. It was a creamy white, almost beige.

Then I saw a large, insectoid face, like a praying mantis, looking into my eyes, an inch or two away from my face. Its head was enormous, at least two feet high, and was cocked at a weird angle as it lent over me to my right, to make its face level with mine. I could make out the texture of its skin, which was scaled like a crocodile with small tendrils like hairs extending from the side. It was so close I could only see its right eye and the area between its eyes. Its skin was a vivid green with a gold tone running through it. I could make out the tiny pores that each scale had. The light struck the side of its head behind its right eye and caught thousands of tiny hexagons that were light gold, in the very dark brown eye. I wasn't afraid. I felt very safe.

These beings may be called Arcturians.

To my right, I could just make out two small beings, doing something to my right leg. They looked like small Greys. When I tilted my head as forward as I could, I was struck by how flat their faces were in profile. They had large black eyes, but their skin wasn't gray, or whitish gray like the one I'd seen in my conscious state - they were blue. It was a color between turquoise and cobalt and almost glowed. Their heads were larger than ours but smaller than Greys.

The Mantid being stared at me up close for a very long time, then leaned back.

Grey 2.jpg

A huge Grey alien face came into focus. It was strangely directly over me, while the other being had been leaning over me. But it was huge. About 18 inches from chin to top of head. It was in front of me, then got closer and closer, until its eyes were almost touching mine but higher up, as though it was examining my forehead. They were shiny, black, and they didn't blink. I kept looking at its mouth, which I could see in great detail. It was probably about the same size as mine, but the head was so much larger, that it was proportionately a very small mouth. It was expressionless, no lips, but its edges were wrinkly, like a very old person. Its skin had dimples or pores, of organic, old skin. It was a dark gray color, but a warm gray, like an elephant in the sun. Its eyes were so hard, I wanted to acknowledge to it that we find eyes that shape 'evil', because of they seem like they're looking up under the brow, and that I knew it wasn't evil.

What surprised me, since I've read about their lack of emotions, was how incredibly strange it was to be aware that there were no emotions. I ought to have been prepared for this, but I wasn't. I mean, I had read a lot about the abduction experience, which I know sours the validity of my regression - there's nothing I can do about that. But what matters to me are the things that are so far beyond anything that I've read. One thing in particular was the absolute shock of how strange it was to be in the presence of this being who was so completely alien. The lack of emotions was unlike anything I could have imagined, it was really, really alien.

Other things beyond my reading experience were the exact feeling of the paralysis, which had nothing to do with the hypnosis. The hypnotherapist told me I could walk around, and stop it at any time, but the electrifying control over my body was coming from somewhere else. Also I have never been interested in Mantids or Blues, and was bewildered by the familiarity of this experience and the detail of the skin of the Mantid and the Grey.

I became aware that the mantis-like being was standing between my feet, and the Grey alien was standing next to it, by my right foot. The two smaller beings were still busy on my right leg. The mantis was about six foot tall, maybe taller, and the Grey around five feet. The two smaller beings were about four feet tall. The table was level with their elbows as they worked on my leg.

A black rectangular shape appeared in the diffuse light above the two smaller beings. There were dark lines around it. It stayed there.

I could make out cuboid shapes coming out of the metal wall to my right. The metal was a soft dull tone, but the tops of the shapes were shiny, like drawers full of mercury.

Two small beings who may have been small white Greys were touching my stomach, I couldn't see them properly because I couldn't move my head. I could feel how soft their fingers were, and I caught glimpses that their fingers were very long. Two pairs of hands touched my forehead, prodding all over my head. They put their fingers in my mouth. Then my jaw became locked and clicked from side to side, beyond my control.

There was movement to my left, and my leg seemed to float up. I was still numb all over, with vibration shifting around my body. The two small Greys were doing something with my left leg. The other two blue beings continued throughout by my right leg.

There was a vibration on the end of my left forefinger. Someone lifted my left hand up by the finger, my thumb dangled. They put it down.

I asked them questions and they answered. Their thoughts were just there, instantly, without a voice, in the center of my mind, the way our own thoughts are. But I could tell which was was speaking very easily. I said I wanted to understand, and the mantis being said "You can't." I asked if I will ever understand, and it said "Yes." I asked them a lot of questions, and mostly was told it was not time for me to know yet. I asked them if they knew the meaning of the word honor. They both said yes. I said it would be honorable of them to allow me to understand the meaning of what is being done to me, since I am not objecting, I'm trying to understand. They said I will understand, but not yet.

I asked if they have known me all my life and they said yes. I was at pains to let them know I welcomed this - which was odd because in my conscious life, I'm full of rage at what's being done to us, and the damage abductions do to women in particular. One can but wonder if my emotions were being manipulated, and if so, what would be the purpose? They can take whatever they want, we're powerless.

A tiny point of white light came out of the center of the mantis being's forehead, not like a laser or a beam of light, but like a needle sharp point. It went directly into me, between my eyes. I could feel love and support, kindness. This being was kind, the Grey was colder but I felt a closeness that was not malevolent, just so different to how we think.

The ambient light converged into four fields above me, leaving a darker plus sign in the center. The edges of each quarter of light were fuzzy and opaque. It got closer and closer, as if the whole ceiling was coming down, and then it was like an X, but I hadn't noticed it turning. It went right through me, as if down into the table. What may have seemed like four fields, could have been a device with four long beams silhouetted against the ambient light.

I became aware of a huge black iris right next to my eye, what seemed like four inches high, with a very narrow green pupil around it, as though it was dilated, and a small area of white. It was the right eye, inches away from my right. I couldn't make out any more than that. Everything was foggy around it, diffused by the soft creamy light. The face became clearer, as though it was leaning back a little. It seemed huge, but it was really just very close. It was a hybrid, with a large forehead, very big eyes, a tiny nose, and a small mouth with narrow lips. The chin was very pointed. Her skin was surprisingly pink - like mixing a pinkish flesh color and then adding a lot of white to it. She had wisps of light blond hair. I told her I thought she was beautiful and she smiled.

I talked about how beautiful all the differences are. I told her about a man where I work whose skin is the darkest I've ever seen, and his hair is white, and how beautiful that is. I said to all of them, that even though we are different species, we're all people, and that this is what connects the universe, our beautiful differences. We talked for a long time, the hybrid, the mantid, the Grey and I.

The abduction that the regression had taken me back to, seemed to be one where I had made a breakthrough in communication. I feel like they knew how much I wanted to ask them, or perhaps I ask them the same thing every time, but I had the sense they were letting something through. The beam of light that went into my head may have been a knowledge transfer, but how do I unlock it? The thought that we may be being used, and will be 'switched on' when they need us to do something for them, infuriates me. I'm still processing it all, but most of all, I'm just so grateful to this regression. Finally having at least a few answers, even though they only raise more questions, is a comfort. I'm very conflicted, but I know one thing now more than ever: I will spend my life, my mind, my resources and contacts, to find out... Are they here to take our planet or save our species? They are hybridizing our two species, but will our arts and culture survive? We can't stop them, but what can we do to make a future we can be proud of?

I've since had two more regressions and spent more time with these beings and others who seem to be taking care of me. It appears I have a relationship with them that they are carefully unfolding in a way that I can comprehend. I still don't have all the answers, but I'm getting there.

Reocurring dreams

Dreams of flying. I have had these since I was a kid. I just let myself levitate, in a standing position, then fall forward, and I can swoop along and up, and just glide. I really enjoy them actually. Flying dreams are common with abductees.

Each time I have one of these dreams, I wake up with inexplicable marks on my body.

Staring bald white man with dark eyes, talking fast. Abductees often say they feel overwhelmed by the speed of the words coming at them telepathically. As a kid, for many years, I had a recurring nightmare that I was sitting on the edge of my bed, and there was another single bed in front of me, with an old man sitting on it. It was always in the dark, and he was completely bald, naked and thin, with very white skin and black eyes shadowed so they appeared skull-like. He stared right at my eyes, never taking his eyes off me, and he talked very, very slowly, at first. Then he spoke faster, and faster, until the bottom of his face was moving so fast it was a blur, and his dark eyes were still locked on mine. I'd start to hyperventilate in the dream, and I always wake up screaming, in a cold sweat, my hands gripping the side of the bed.

Men in Black

Yes, it’s a big joke and the subject of very funny movies, but this did happen to me and I can’t fully explain it. A few years ago I had to spend a few days in intensive care after returning from Mexico with a severe poisoning . I had a raging temperature but was freezing cold, and was on a saline drip for several days. At some point during my stay I was visited by two men in black suits with black ties, dark hair, light skin. Both were the same height and slim build, and both suits were an old fashioned single breasted style, buttoned up. As vague as all this sounds, my impression is that they looked like identical twins. 

They stood at the end of my bed staring at me and didn’t say a word, then one of them picked up my chart, looked at it briefly. I asked what they were doing and they said they were from a government agency that monitors cross border infections. That’s all that was said, they just stood there staring.

I remember thinking that the whole experience was just really strange. But like other alien-related experiences, I didn't question it at the time. The thing is, I don't recall their voices and I have no memory of their faces, it’s as if they were blurred. It’s also relevant that this happened years before I became aware, or was even slightly interested in anything to do with aliens.